Real-time weather display

Never be caught unawares by Mother Nature’s changing weather. Be informed and stay aware of the weather forecast by adding the weather plug-in and the icons available to your presentations. With the plug-in and icons available, you can make important decisions without any nature-bound surprises.


Stay prepared and informed with real-time weather updates using the Weather plug-in for Dynamic PowerPoint. Never be caught off guard by changing weather conditions and make important decisions with confidence. Enhance your presentations, digital signage, and events with dynamic weather forecasts for your current location or any other location worldwide. Our Weather plug-in, coupled with a weather data provider, offers fluid and visually stunning features, including full HD weather animated images and customizable configurations. Join our newsletter for the latest updates, tips, and product news in the world of Dynamic PowerPoint. Get our Weather plug-in for Dynamic PowerPoint today and stay ahead of the storm!



Dynamic PowerPoint plug-ins allow you to display real-time information—on any display, anytime. Our set of plug-ins range from news, weather, time, music, videos. Literally any information you feel is important to convey, you can do it with Dynamic PowerPoint Plug-ins.


Whether in the boardroom, or the bar room—displaying real-time information is key to engaging and informing.

Display Anywhere

Dynamic PowerPoint’s plug-ins are flexible and visually stunning. They can be configured to the exact needs of the setting. In an airport? Display the weather, time, and news. On a home PC? Display your pictures, likes, and videos.

Easy To Configure

Real-time means real-time. With Dynamic PowerPoint, you can change what you display on the fly.
powerpoint slides with weather info
Slide with live weather conditions of any city in the world
TV screen output where you show real-time weather information of multiple cities worldwide
Screen designed in PowerPoint to show real-time weather information and forecasts of multiple days.


The “Weather” plug-in is a fluid tool that can be used anywhere to make important business decisions during any season and weather. With its forecast capabilities, you can use the plug-in anywhere on slides, presentations, digital screens, events, and many other places to show the weather forecast of your current location or any other location worldwide.

rain and clouds full HD weather icon sample
thunder Full HD weather icon sample
snow at night full HD weather icon sample


Royalty-free full HD weather animated images. This 200 MB file contains full HD weather icons that can be used as full-screen weather backgrounds on your slides. It can be used in combination with Dynamic Weather’s weather data provider. When your city has a weather forecast of rain, then you have a full HD animated rainy weather image background. When the forecast or current weather condition changes, the full HD weather animation on your screen is changed accordingly. Very attractive weather images for your real-time weather channel or digital signage project.

All images are in Full HD format and have 60 frames per second.

Awesome product by the way. All this time and no one else can even come close to what you’re doing over there.

– Jason Brentlinger, Production Manager, Bartha, USA

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Software Requirements

Runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, 2019, 2021, 2024 or Microsoft 365 (Desktop Applications)