Picture carrousel display

Display important images or pictures in a particular order as a carousel. Show a glimpse into your lifestyle through carousel-flowing images. With the pictures plug-in, you can show important business images, position yourself and your brand, and say more than a thousand words to every viewer. Simply select your images and let the plug-in work.


Capture attention and convey your message effectively with the Picture Carousel plugin for Dynamic PowerPoint. Showcase your most important business images and tell a compelling visual story through an engaging carousel format. With the Picture Carousel plugin, you can effortlessly display a sequence of carefully curated images, providing viewers with a glimpse into your lifestyle and brand identity. Position yourself and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Explore the power of visuals with our Picture Carousel plugin. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news, product updates, and exclusive promotions. Experience the impact of Dynamic PowerPoint today!



Dynamic PowerPoint plug-ins allow you to display real-time information—on any display, anytime. Our set of plug-ins range from news, weather, time, music, videos. Literally any information you feel is important to convey, you can do it with Dynamic PowerPoint Plug-ins.


Whether in the boardroom, or the bar room—displaying real-time information is key to engaging and informing.

Display Anywhere

Dynamic PowerPoint’s plug-ins are flexible and visually stunning. They can be configured to the exact needs of the setting. In an airport? Display the weather, time, and news. On a home PC? Display your pictures, likes, and videos.

Easy To Configure

Real-time means real-time. With Dynamic PowerPoint, you can change what you display on the fly.
powerpoint slides with picture slideshows info
Show a slideshow of pictures from a folder on your slide
Show a slideshow of pictures from a folder on your slide
Show a slideshow of pictures from a folder on your slide


The “Pictures” plug-in is a character-filled plug-in that allows you to display images that are important to position your brand or deliver unique messages in an array of pictures. This plug-in can be used on slides, presentations, and digital screens for events by selecting a folder or group of pictures to be played in sequence or at random.

Awesome product by the way. All this time and no one else can even come close to what you’re doing over there.

– Jason Brentlinger, Production Manager, Bartha, USA

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Software Requirements

Runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, 2019, 2021, 2024 or Microsoft 365 (Desktop Applications)