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PresentationPoint 25 years

PresentationPoint was founded in Belgium (Europe) in 1998 to building information systems for large airports worldwide. To ensure their software solutions were easy to use, PresentationPoint integrated their products fully with Microsoft PowerPoint so that anyone who could create or edit a PowerPoint slide could work with their products. While PresentationPoint is still used in the travel industry, others became aware of the power and ease of use of its solutions, and soon the audience became much larger. In addition to airports, many other industries now use PresentationPoint’s tools, including schools, companies, government agencies, city halls, police, exhibition halls, banks, event centers and many others.

Clients use PresentationPoint’s products for digital signage, live updating, automated reporting, digital menu boards, manufacturing KPI monitoring, dashboarding, data-driven presentations, waiting room queue management and many other tasks.

All PresentationPoint’s products continue to be integrated inside PowerPoint for ease of use and to create attractive graphic layouts. 25 years after its beginnings, PresentationPoint has more than 10,000 customers and companies worldwide using our software.

Our client list reads like a veritable “who’s-who” of leading global companies, including NASA, Nestle, Philips, US Air Force, SpaceX, Hewlett Packard, Bayer, Siemens, IBM, Daimler Chrysler, DHL, Airbus, Coca-Cola and eBay just to name a few. PresentationPoint has had a long history of listening to its customers and continually develops new features and new software based upon customer feedback and use cases.


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