Microsoft PowerPoint is an extraordinary tool through which you will be able to perform a lot of tasks apart from creating presentations and slideshows. This Microsoft product is also used to create reports, certificates, magazines and more. But did you know that Microsoft PowerPoint can also be used to display trending news in PowerPoint without any interruptions? Unlike the news that gets broadcasted on Television and on social media platforms, the news displayed using Microsoft PowerPoint and plugin software (which helps in enabling the whole process) won’t have any advertisements, and the news will be updated in real-time.

News has become such an integral part of our life. Even while eating lunch or dinner, we still open up the news channels to find out what is going on around the world or to find out a breaking news story. But with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint and plugin software such as Dynamic PowerPoint’s News Plugin. The News Plugin will enable you to select the news you want to see and present them however you want to so that you can display trending news in PowerPoint.

news plugin to display trending news

Show the news you want to display or the news related to your product

There is more than one medium where you can gather daily news and information. Radio has been the oldest medium for news, and then Television was introduced. Right now, there are multiple mediums and social media platforms for gathering real-life events. Knowing all this, you can obviously ask why you need a software to display news whereas you can freely access all the information through the internet. Well, if you use the internet to get information and news, you will receive all kinds of news from one single platform.

If you want to be specific while selecting the news category, then using the Dynamic PowerPoint’s News Plugin can prove to be a very crucial step for you. Through this news plugin or software, you can filter the news you are willing to display. For example, you want to screen that news that is directly or indirectly related to the product that you or your company is promoting. Maybe you have a financial organization and want to display news solely related to finance or the economy; the news plugin will enable you to display trending news in PowerPoint without any hindrance.

You can curate the news that is exclusive to your taste and display what you want your audience to see. Using your preferred sources, you can generate automated news and deliver it in front of your target audience with ease.

news plugin to display trending news

Actual advantages of using Dynamic PowerPoint’s News Plugin

There are three primary advantages of using Dynamic PowerPoint’s News Plugin in addition to the Microsoft PowerPoint software. Let us find out more about the advantages below.

Easy configuration process

The whole plugin software is really easy to use and configure with Microsoft PowerPoint. You can edit the news before presenting, and the news presenter gets updated automatically according to your update schedule and configuration.

Updated with real-time news

Your screen will constantly be updated with real-time news whenever it has been released from your selected source. To create engagement and attract customers, you can set your screen and present the real-time news, meaning as soon as the news has been released, your presenter will also start displaying the same.

Screen it anywhere and everywhere

With a flexible and visually stunning plugin, you can present your news anywhere and everywhere. Furthermore, you can configure the plugins according to your requirements. For example, if you are setting up your display at the airport, you can display the current time and weather conditions of the exact place and nearby places.

If you are looking for genuine and real news, then Dynamic PowerPoint is the perfect choice for you. You can choose the best and most trusted source to extract the news from. Moreover, you can select from any topic, be it finance, weather, politics, videos, music etc. and present it through slideshows.

Creating different slides from scratch and putting the details of the news will consume a lot of time and increase your workload by several folds. And by the time you finish creating the news and presenting it in front of your target audience, the news may not be “hot” anymore; therefore, you will lose the attention of your audiences who are already well aware of the events when it comes to the news and related media industry being first the one to broadcast the news simultaneously being authentic matters the most. With the help of Microsoft PowerPoint and Dynamic PowerPoint’s News Plugin, you can achieve that status.

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