The availability of the internet worldwide has given rise to the social networking applications such as Meta (formerly Facebook), WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Over the years, the social media platforms have become an important platform to express oneself for discussions, debates etc. But these social media platforms, especially Meta (Facebook), are not used for personal reasons but also for business solutions. Different brands and companies have their own Meta (Facebook) page, and there is a separate social media team that actively handles the Meta pages and accounts.

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At any given point in time, potential customers of your business are literally looming around, and that is the biggest reason your should constantly update your Facebook Business page by showing real-time likes, shares, metrics, etc. In case you’re not convinced, here’s a breezy listicle to get you through why you must share real-time updates to pump up your marketing strategy:

#1 Over 2.8 billion people use Facebook every month; that’s how many potential eyeballs you can grab for spreading your business across

#2 In the post-COVID era when physical visits for shopping are taking a backseat, you already know that small businesses would majorly conduct business through social media, so more reason to master Facebook marketing as it will help you not just stay afloat but thrive in your business

#3 With new advertisement features on Facebook, about two-thirds of the platform’s users regularly post updates on the local business Facebook page. So, the digital marketplace is absolutely bustling, unlike the physical one, if we might say

#4 If you’re living in the Facebook times, we’re here to nudge you inside the Meta-verse Age where this platform is no more space for expressing what’s on your mind or leaving cryptic comments on your BFF’s status updates but has transformed into a place for multiple audiences to discover, share and connect with big and small businesses. This is why software like Likes plugin for PowerPoint is proving to be more competitive and advanced in gaining insights about businesses in order to maximize potential.

#5 Data from 2020 reveals that internet users who use Facebook were active for 2 hours and 25 minutes a day on the social media app while they’re logged in throughout. If you count the 2 hours 25 minutes for a week, it’s almost a full day’s worth of screen time that can be spent on social media. Don’t you want to get at least a minute of this free time from your customer?

#6 Where people think content is king, we think credibility is. When you constantly interact with your customers updating them about the real-time stats and metrics (as can be obtained from software like our DataPoint plugin) of your business through its Facebook Page, they will want to stay in touch more. And BRAVO! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Show live Facebook Likes

According to Facebook’s latest data, 200 million small businesses worldwide have been successfully using Facebook Page business tools and Meta suite for amping up their sales. But, you might think being logged in for the entire day to check up every instant of likes, shares, comments is going to turn your business into a mess. We understood that before you realized it. The solution for this is DataPoint, which lets you track sales, reach, growth, and other relevant business metrics without hassles. As competition on staying true to your customers rushes sky-high, you can definitely understand the importance of keeping a tab of social media platforms in every business and company – irrespective of the size or type of business.

Now, companies would need real-time trackers to check their pages. How do you that? The biggest advantage here comes with our Likes plugin, which enables both real-time sharing metrics as well as adding your Facebook URL or full name of the business to your television screen. Once your business page URL is up on the screen, it gives maximum visibility and, thus, top of the mind business recall time for your business. Moreover, if you happen to use any other software, you won’t be able to show either the name or the URL, which can technically be disadvantageous for you. So try out the DataPoint software as your one-stop business and social media report solution.

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