Welcome to Dynamic PowerPoint, the ultimate destination for enhancing your PowerPoint presentations with real-time information and dynamic elements. Our range of powerful plugins allows you to engage your audience like never before, with features like live news updates, weather forecasts, stunning visuals, music integration, and much more.


With Dynamic PowerPoint, you can display real-time information on any screen, whether it’s in a boardroom, a classroom, or a public space. Our flexible and visually stunning plugins can be customized to fit the exact needs of your setting. Want to display the weather, time, and news updates in an airport? No problem. Need to showcase your pictures, likes, and videos on a home PC? We’ve got you covered.


Our plugins are easy to configure, giving you the freedom to change what you display on the fly. Whether you’re presenting in a business meeting or creating a captivating slideshow for personal use, Dynamic PowerPoint empowers you to make a lasting impact.


Unlock the power of Dynamic PowerPoint and take your presentations to new heights. Join us today and see the difference real-time information and dynamic elements can make in capturing and captivating your audience.





Dynamic PowerPoint plug-ins allow you to display real-time information—on any display, anytime. Our set of plug-ins range from news, weather, time, music, videos. Literally any information you feel is important to convey, you can do it with Dynamic PowerPoint Plug-ins. 


Whether in the boardroom, or the bar room—displaying real-time information is key to engaging and informing.

Display Anywhere

Dynamic PowerPoint’s plug-ins are flexible and visually stunning. They can be configured to the exact needs of the setting. In an airport? Display the weather, time, and news. On a home PC? Display your pictures, likes, and videos.

Easy To Configure

Real-time means real-time. With Dynamic PowerPoint, you can change what you display on the fly.

Various dynamic PowerPoint slides

Our Dynamic PowerPoint Plugins

Time Plugin for PowerPoint

icon of dynamic timeStay on top of everything with important real-time information to help you seize the day. Integrate dynamic time displays, like timers and stopwatches, into your presentations to maximize your effectiveness. With the options to preset, customize and modify data, you can display unique information per your requirements.

News Plugin for PowerPoint

icon of dynamic news plugin for powerpoint​Stay connected with real-time information happening wherever you are in the world. Integrate the news plug-in to access valuable information to help you make better decisions. With the options to preset, customize and modify data, you can display unique information per your requirements.

Weather Plugin for PowerPoint

icon dynamic weather​Never be caught unawares by Mother Nature’s changing weather. Be informed and stay aware of the weather forecast by adding the weather plug-in and the icons available to your presentations. With the plug-in and icons available, you can make important decisions without any nature-bound surprises.

Pictures Plugin for PowerPoint

icon of Dynamic PicturesDisplay important images or pictures in a particular order as a carousel. Show a glimpse into your lifestyle through carousel-flowing images. With the pictures plug-in, you can show important business images, position yourself and your brand, and say more than a thousand words to every viewer. Simply select your images and let the plug-in work.

Facebook Likes Plugin for PowerPoint

icon of Dynamic LikesDirect your viewers to popular postings and updates with the Likes plug-in on your social media platforms. Show your audience your worth using Likes, a global language of acceptance and community. Simply connect your Facebook page to the plug-in, display your page, encourage and grow a community of like-minded people with the Like plug-in.

Music Plugin for PowerPoint

Dynamic Music iconStimulate your audiences’ memory through unique sounds and music with this plug-in. Block your competitors’ access to your audience and keep your message in their ears to convert them to loyalists. Record important information, connect your own files to the folder, and keep your audience grooving to the tunes you choose.

Videos Plugin for PowerPoint

Dynamic Videos iconBuild interest, share a story, and deliver information more effectively sing videos. Show live updates, live videos, or broadcasts to deliver a stronger message to your audience. With the options to preset, customize, and modify data, you can display unique information per your requirements.

Wall Plugin for PowerPoint

Dynamic Wall iconStay memorable by displaying information on a bigger wall. Create impactful presentations over a wider space with wider icons easy for your audience. With multiple screens, you can deliver more comprehensive information in a single presentation to your target audience.