Dynamic PowerPoint plug-ins allow you to display real-time information—on any display, anytime. Our set of plug-ins range from news, weather, time, music, videos. Literally any information you feel is important to convey, you can do it with Dynamic PowerPoint Plug-ins. 


Whether in the boardroom, or the bar room—displaying real-time information is key to engaging and informing.

Display Anywhere

Dynamic PowerPoint’s plug-ins are flexible and visually stunning. They can be configured to the exact needs of the setting. In an airport? Display the weather, time, and news. On a home PC? Display your pictures, likes, and videos.

Easy To Configure

Real-time means real-time. With Dynamic PowerPoint, you can change what you display on the fly.

Various dynamic PowerPoint slides

Our Dynamic PowerPoint Plugins

Time Plugin for PowerPoint

icon of dynamic time​In today’s world, we’re always on the clock. Dynamic PowerPoint offers all of the information you might need, at a glance. Countdowns, timers, dates, and stopwatches. Everything you need to keep track of time.

News Plugin for PowerPoint

icon of dynamic news plugin for powerpoint​Your news, your way. Everything YOU want to display. Real-time news, curated to your taste. Our world moves fast, getting the news you need has never been more important. Dynamic PowerPoint’s News plug-in allows you to customize your display to deliver an automated News Feed, featuring your preferred sources.

Weather Plugin for PowerPoint

icon dynamic weather​Everyone wants to know what the weather is doing. Weather affects how we dress and what activities we choose for the day. Even a lot of our conversations revolve around weather.
We OBSESS about the weather.

Pictures Plugin for PowerPoint

icon of Dynamic Pictures​It’s often said that pictures are worth a thousand words. Now you can easily show an automatically updating slide show of pictures on any TV screen or monitor. Use this to show artwork, your portfolio, inspirational quotes, customer testimonials and more.

Facebook Likes Plugin for PowerPoint

icon of Dynamic Likes​Dynamic Likes is a fantastic tool where you can show your Facebook Likes in real-time in any PowerPoint slide or in our included professional PowerPoint templates.

Music Plugin for PowerPoint

Dynamic Music icon​Don’t let a random staff member choose your music! Studies have shown that the background music in your retail stores greatly affects traffic flow and shopping behavior. In an office/work environment, the right music has been found to improve productivity, while some music blocks it.

Videos Plugin for PowerPoint

Dynamic Videos iconVideos are like television. Very powerful. Now you can easily show an automatically updating slide show of videos on any TV screen or monitor. Use this to show advertising, safety instructions, customer testimonials, and more.

Wall Plugin for PowerPoint

Dynamic Wall icon​While single screen digital signage is popular, there are times when you need more than one screen can offer. Restaurants use multiple monitors to show a wider range of food and drink options. And any advertising looks stunning when you spread it out over an entire wall of videos.